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Why all businesses on the Central Coast need a tax accountant

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One of the first things that you should do when starting up a business is find yourself a good tax accountant. So many businesses fail in their first 12-18 months of operation, and the reason is simple; without a good accountant, those businesses are going to be hit hard in trying to meet their taxation responsibilities, or might end up paying tax well in excess of what a business of their size and scope should be paying.

As accountants on the Central Coast, we don’t want to see local businesses struggle or fail. Quite the opposite; we want local businesses to thrive, which is why we provide a range of critical services around tax to Central Coast small (and large) businesses:

1) Make sure you’re getting your deductions

As far as many of our clients are concerned, one of the critical services that tax accountants to Central Coast businesses can provide is assistance around deductions. Where a lot of businesses struggle is in trying to account for all their deductions at the end of the year, as they’re simply too busy through the year making the most of their business opportunities. A good tax accountant will come in and manage the year-end deductions through the year, so that come tax time, all the information necessary to maximising the deduction has been tabled and is instantly accessible.

2) Making sure you’re not audited

The tax department has a number of “red flags” that it uses to help determine which businesses should be audited each year, and our job, as Central Coast tax accountants, is to make sure this doesn’t happen to our clients. Because the risk that an audit will find incorrect information to grave penalties to the business, but the other issue with audits is that they are time consuming activities, and who wants to waste their come on those things when there’s a business to run. We make sure that tax forms are properly filled out and the usual “red flag” triggers aren’t tripped, so that the tax man doesn’t come chasing you.

3) Plan for the future

The other great benefit that we, as accountants for the Central Coast, can supply to our customers is consultancy. A good accountant is a genuine partner in your business, working hard to ensure your success. We are able to provide expert guidance to all businesses starting out, helping them to understand how to secure their businesses’ finance towards future growth and health.

Need more information about the services that a Central Coast Tax Accountant can provide to local businesses? Contact us today on (02) 4396 4322 to speak to one of our friendly staff about your business.